Registration Form

Emergency Contacts

Local Field Trip Authorization

I give KIN Outdoor Learning permission to take my child (named in this form) on short field trips and other outings as part of the forest program. This includes transportation by car, bus or on foot. I understand that checking "yes" and putting my name in the box below means I understand the above information and give consent .

Photography Consent & Release

This form gives consent for your child’s photograph to be taken while at our program during both special events and day to day activities. This consent form must be on file for your child’s photo to be taken. Photos will be used in monthly newsletters/emails and may be sent to other parents within the child care (if they are with other children). Photo’s may also be placed within the daycare for the children to view and/or for marketing purposes.

As a parent of my child (named above) attending KIN Outdoor Learning day camp program. I understand, acknowledge, and give permission for my child to have his/her photo taken during normal daycare hours, activities and trip. I understand that these photo’s may be used in newsletters/emails for marketing purposes or mounted on the childcare walls.

I understand that checking "yes" and putting my name in the box below means I understand the above information and give consent .

Participant Release Of Liability

I affirm that the confidential medical information that has been provided is accurate and complete. I understand that failure to disclose this information could affect my own safety and those around me, and I agree to hold KIN Outdoor Learning harmless if full disclosure or a pre-existing condition has not been provided. In the event of illness or injury, consent is hereby given to provide emergency medical care, hospitalization or other treatment, which may become necessary.

In all programs offered by KIN Outdoor Learning, reasonable care is taken to prevent serious injuries and to minimize accidents. I am aware that all activities, even under the safest of conditions, have inherent dangers. I hereby accept responsibility for and assume the risk of injury or damage to my child that might arise directly or indirectly as a result of participation in KIN Outdoor Learning. I hereby express release, discharge, and hold harmless from any liability whatsoever KIN Outdoor Learning/Iron Gait Ventures, all employees and volunteers in their capacity as representatives of KIN Outdoor Learning.

I understand that checking "yes" and putting my name in the box below means I understand the above information and give consent .

If applicant is under 18 years of age:

Medical Information

* At KIN Outdoor Learning we strive to be inclusive of all children, but please be aware that behaviors teacher’s deem dangerous (escape risk, aggression, etc.) may result in the need for a support staff to be provided at an extra charge.

Administration of Medication

I, give consent to KIN Outdoor Learning, that they may administer prescription medication to my child (named above) as is recommended by a physician. I also agree that the following information is accurate and to-date:

Prescription medication must have the original label adhered to the bottle, be clearly marked with the child’s name, date of prescription, doctor’s name, name of medication and dosage. The date and time will be logged each time medication is administered.

Child Release

My child (named above) is permitted to be picked up by the following people:

No one other than those listed above are permitted to take the child from the property without written permission of the parent/guardian. Everyone will require photo ID before the child is released. A code word of the parents choosing will also be required.

A child will not be released to anyone whom we deem incapable of providing care (visibly distraught). The child will stay with u s until another adult is capable of picking up the child.

If no one shows up to pick up a child, parents will be contacted after 15 minutes. If parents can not be reached, the child release list will be contacted for pick up.

Child Care Contract

…and KIN Outdoor Learning for the care of the following children:

Please Note:

If payments are not made on the first of each month or otherwise agreed upon date a $10 a day late fee will apply.

By signing below, I acknowledge that I undertsand all points and terms of this agreement, and that all consents and information are confirmed and accurate.